Monday, May 26, 2014

Snidely Whiplash Teaches Rocket J. Squirrel about Enumerable Sets

One of my previous posts was titled "Lost in Our Vaults Until Now" but this one might truly be called "Lost in [Bob's] Garage Until Now!"

A friend of mine named Bob Konikow used to own his own animation studio in California back in the 70s.  One idea they had at the time was to create a series of math-related animated shorts, and in one case, they even went so far as to write the script, do some preliminary design work, and even record the dialog, but they never finished it!

Flash-forward some 40 years, and he and I are going through the hoard in his garage, when we came across those original audio recordings on tape.  Luckily, he also still owned a (working!) reel-to-reel tape deck, and was able to digitize those recordings onto his computer.

Now, here is the best part.  It's who he got to do the voices for his short.  There are two parts in the script and he hired June Foray and Hans Conried to do the voices!

In case you don't know, June Foray is one of the most famous animation voice-over artists going, having voiced Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Tweety's Granny, Bug's Witch Hazel, and many many (many) more!

Hans Conried was a popular "character actor" - including playing Dr. Terwilliker in "The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T." - who also provided voices for many animated characters, notably Disney's Captain Hook, and Snidely Whiplash, also from the Bullwinkle show.

When I heard these two great voices again, and saw a couple of scene ideas, I asked him if I could take a crack at animating it, thinking others might enjoy hearing these two working together.  (Hans after all, hasn't been with us since 1982.)  So we did.

Now I hope the feeble work I did is worthy of these two icons, because Bob liked it well enough to re-kindle the idea of making a series a shorts.  So he's currently trying to see if he can find a distributor interested in the idea, which is why I can't post the whole short online.  But in the meanwhile, I thought I might upload just a small taste of the finished piece.

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